• F&Q

    1. Is your jewelry fragile?

    On contrary to the public impression, my jewelry is very durable. After all, this traditional craft stemmed from the handmade thimble used by seamstress in their everday workplace. Plus, silk thread is long-lasting and strong by nature. By combining layers of silk thread, my jewelry is light yet very durable.

    2. Is your jewelry water-proof?

    I use water proof base to create the core of the silk bead; however, the surface of the bead is covered in silk. It is best to keep it dry, but if it gets wet, just let it dry in the shade before wearing it again.

    3. What do I do if it gets dirty?

    I spray my jewelry with stain resistant fabric spray before shipping. If you have one, you can spray and protect the surface from time to time as well.

    If it gets dirty, try dabbing it with the wet clothes (with tiny detergent if necessary) without scrubbing.

    4. What are the materials used in your jewelry?

    I take my utmost care to select and import the good quality materials mainly from Japan, and use the water proof materials and ternish resistent metals as much as I can.

    I use earrings hooks that are are made of 14K gold filled hook, sterling silver hook, or gold/slver plated stud/hooks so that people with nickel allergy can wear my jewelry without discomfort.

    5. How long does it take to make arnaco jewelry?

    It all depends on the design and size of the jewelry - some designs requies extensive weaving or color changing and takes longer than making a jewlery with simple designs. As a rule of thumb, the bigger the surface is, the more stitching I need to do to fill the surface and takes longer time. To give you an idea, to make the small bead of 1 cm takes appx 180 stitchings.


    For custom orders, I usually ask for 1 week before the shipping (if there is no other orders pending). Please refer to the top of the "Shop" section to confirm the current waiting time before placing orders.

  • 6. I don't know my ring size

    For custom made ring orders, if you are not sure of your ring size, wrap a piece of paper around your ring finger where it is the thickest, mark with pen where the paper overwrap, unwrap the paper then measure with ruler.