History Behind My Craft

    During Edo period (17-19th century), Kaga region of Japan (modern day Ishikawa prefecture) thrived as a castle city. Kaga was famous for pottery, green tea, and above all, its kimono making. The seamstress of kimono makers began to use leftover silk thread to make their own silk thimbles - that was the beginning of this traditional craft, as it is known today as Kaga Yubinuki (yubinuki means thimble in Japanese). The various designs created by seamstresses were handed over generations to this day over 200 years.


    Who I Am

    Hi, my name is Asako, I am Japanese and I have been living in tropical Singapore with my family for past 7 years.

    Since I was small, I have always been drawn to bold lines and strong colors. It was no wonder that I felt a strong "pull" when I saw this traditional craft for the first time.

    Later on, I decided to pursue this craft as my creative outlet. I love the shine of the silk thread and the unlimilted possibilities of color/design variations. Singapore is full of vibrant colors and diverse cultures. I take inspiration from the nature and people around me and infuse it into traditional Japanese craft in modern form.


    About My Jewelry

    Using the technique to make Kaga thimble, I create silk jewelries combined with different materials such as metals, semi-precious stones and vintage beads.
    My jewelry is 100% hand made from the beginning to the end, hand stitched with precision and patience. With proper care it will last for a long time.


    My Jewelry is For...

    If you are one of those people who is tired of mass-produced products that are overflowing in the shopping mall, my jewelry is for you! Arnaco jewelry is for those who love colors, originality and artisan craftsmanship who embrace their unique style and find values in culture, art, history and qualities.